Knowing the advantages of embracing digital transformation: How aware are industry leaders?

In the last several weeks, I have been led to a regrettable realization. I have read articles, attended conferences, and have had the privilege of interacting with several business leaders from different sectors; the evidence from all angles points to the same conclusion. Amongst most Quebec industry leaders, there seems to be a lack of awareness surrounding the advantages of embracing digital practices and tools, along with a clear resistance to change. In order to delve deeper into the issue, I took note of specific information in my readings and…

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How can my business take advantage of data?

These days, thanks to new technologies, the amount of computer data being collected is growing rapidly while simultaneously becoming more complex. The data revolution is the driving force of our time. First, we went from "data" to "big data". Now we are talking about "full" data. What will be next? Before going into the details, let me pose two questions to illustrate the usefulness of collected data: (French text: What is the link between babies and beer? Why are Google services free?) Answer: NO! This is not the answer. Beer is not…

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Is your management dashboard “ADEPT”?

Unless you’re a management expert with many of years of experience using dashboards of varied sophistication levels, it can be difficult to correctly evaluate the quality level of a management dashboard.  Small nuances in this area can result in strong repercussions on the performance of the tool.

The management dashboard is an evaluation/verification tool of the performance of a company or an institution.  Performance is evaluated by comparing KPIs (key performance indicators) for a specific time or specific time periods versus predetermined reference points.


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